Mini Sessions: How to Reserve Spots

Reserve Session

You are just about ready to launch your mini session, but before you share it with the world you want to make sure you reserve a spot for your favorite client. With our reserve feature, you can mark any of your available time slots in your mini session as “Reserved”. Session will then generate a unique private link for you to share directly with your client. How to reserve a […]

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Mini Sessions: How to Save Time Scheduling With One Simple Step

Mini Sessions

With the busiest photography season officially here, it’s time to get some mini sessions on the books – like, now. So pick the day for your next mini session and start scheduling Facebook posts and texting your friends and former clients, right? Wrong. Selling Your Mini Sessions While the ‘set the date and they will book’ method is pretty tried and true for established photographers when it comes to mini […]

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Photography questionnaires with Session.

The more we understand our clients, the better the session experience will be for them, and for you the photographer. A photography questionnaire can be a powerful tool in gathering pre-session information about your client and their family. Asking your clients about their hobbies, their interests, their favorite toys or movies not only establishes a good relationship with your client but equips you with more information about them and their […]

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How to build your first session

Mini Session walkthrough video

Building your first photo session is as easy as pie. The video covers the basic steps to setting up and sharing your first mini session.   Step 1. Click on “Create New Session” Give your first session a title, be as descriptive as possible, this is your photo session title your clients will see during their online booking and in their automated email communications.   Step 2. Click on “Add […]

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