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10 Winter Photography Tips To Keep Your Business Booming Year-Round

12 Winter Photography Tips To Keep Your Business Booming Year Round

As the dust settles on the family photo frenzy before the Christmas rush, you may be wondering how you will bring in clients as winter settles in. The good news is we’re photographers, so naturally, we are creative, and with that comes ample opportunity to bring in new clients. Make a List of Themed Ideas for Mini Sessions Slow winter months are a great time to try out those mini […]

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Surprise Your Clients with the Unexpected!

Photography session

A photographer’s goal is to provide their clients with a collection of images that will decorate their walls and delight their memories for years to come. In general, those images should reflect the same style that is displayed throughout your portfolio. Whether light and airy, dark and moody or somewhere in between. Your work should remain consistent so that clients are getting what they’ve paid for. However, that doesn’t mean […]

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Photography Workshops: How to Successfully Book Them

Photography Workshop

How to Successfully Book Workshops The amount of time that you can spend working is limited. Even if you have goals of global domination, your hours only go so far. But wait, don’t get discouraged! There’s another way to reach the masses. You can teach!  Share your knowledge with others in a group setting to maximize your efficiency and help them build their businesses! One of the most popular ways […]

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How to Make Money As a Photographer


Photographers come in all shapes and sizes. While experience, styles, and packages offered may vary, one thing remains the same… every photographer is in business to make money. We know, this subject makes a lot of folks blush and tends to be a little taboo for general conversation, but unless you are independently wealthy or just received an enormous inheritance from a great aunt that you’ve never met – chances […]

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