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Building & Booking Sessions

Get up and running in no time! Learn how to build and launch a single client or multi-client session in minutes.


Setup your account, learn about our plans, and billing.


Learn how Session automates the booking flow, client communication, invoices, and reminders.


Learn how to build smart contracts once and re-use them over and over.

Email Communication

Examples of email communications to you and the client during active sessions.

Google Calendar

Connect Session with your Google Calendar and sync your bookings.


Learn how to grow your client list by taking advantage of our Inquiry features.


All invoices are automated by Session during booking. Find out how this is done.


Collect more information from your clients during booking by using questionnaires.

Session Fees

Connect your Paypal or Stripe account to collect session fees during booking.

ShootProof Integration

Automatically create galleries and albums for all of your booked clients.

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