About Photography Contracts

Session allows you to create contract templates and reuse them over and over.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create and reuse contracts.

Creating Contracts

The purpose of the reusable contract template is for you to be able to include it in your photo sessions without having to create new ones each time. The use of Variable makes this easy, we will show you how.

To create a reusable contract, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Contracts page
  2. Click the Create New Contract button
  3. Title your new contract template

Editing your contract

Editing contracts couldn’t be easier. You can copy and paste your current contract or if you are brave, start a new one from scratch.

On the left sidebar of the contract editor, you will see a list of variables. These variables turn a boring contract into a template that can be reused over and over. Since variables such as Session Name, Session Date, Client Name etc. are dynamic, you do not have to fill those in every time you create a new session, neat huh?

Photography Contract

Using & Reusing & Reusing Contracts

Once you have created your contracts, using them in your sessions could not be easier.

To add a contract to a session, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Sessions page.
  2. If you are adding a contract to an existing session, click the Edit button on your session details section.
  3. If you are creating a new session, click on the Add Session Details button.
  4. In the Session Details window that opens up, click the Contract dropdown and choose from the available templates.

That’s it! Your clients will now be able to sign your contract during their booking process.