Building Sessions

Session allows you to build single sessions and mini sessions in minutes. Session’s unique quick build approach makes it easy for you to add your session details, client deliverables, session fees, add your logo or specific session banner image, pick your dates and available time slots, a contract, and questionnaire.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a session for both single-client bookings and multi-client bookings such as mini sessions and workshops.

Mini Sessions & Workshops

Need to run a mini session or workshop? You are in the right place. Session was designed and built from the ground up to streamline the way you book mini sessions.

To create a new session, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Sessions page
  2. Click Create New Session
  3. click the Create Mini Session buttonCreate New Session
  4. Next, title your new session (Note: This title will be visible to your clients during booking, so keep it professional.)

Next, let’s go ahead and fill some of the details out for your new photo session.

  1. Click Add Session Details button
  2. Fill in the session description, deliverables, add a contract, questionnaire, session fee, and an image.
  3. Click Save

Next, let’s pick the date for your session and the available time spots.

  1. Click Add Date & Time
  2. Choose your date
  3. Pick how many available time spots you need
  4. Pick a start time, the session duration, and a gap
  5. Fill in the shoot location if available

Mini Sessions

Way to go! You are now ready to preview the session the way your clients will see it. Navigate to the top of your session page and click the Client View button. This will open up a new browser tab and take you to the booking website for this specific session. Every session you build will have its own booking website, neat huh?

Once you are happy with the way everything looks, return to your session page (previous browser tab). You are now ready to share it with the world. Navigate to the top of the session page and click Share.

Share Session

You can now copy your unique URL to this session and share it on social media, post it on your website etc.

Single Sessions

Single sessions give you all the features of mini sessions but tailored for single client shoots. Single sessions also allow you to create and save templates that you can reuse to save time!

Booking Sessions

Session was designed to make the booking flow as easy as pie. Once you have created your photo session and have shared it with your prospective clients, Session automates everything for you, so you can just sit back and watch the session get booked in real time.