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ShootProof Integration

ShootProof Integration

If you use ShootProof for your client galleries, you can integrate it with Session to automatically create galleries and albums for all of your booked clients!

In this article, you’ll learn how to integrate with ShootProof.


Connect Session with ShootProof

Follow these steps to authorize a connection between Session and your ShootProof account.

  1. Navigate to the Account page.
  2. Click Edit on the ShootProof section.
  3. In the popup window click the Connect to ShootProof button.
  4. You will be forwarded to ShootProof.
  5. Sign in to your ShootProof account to authorize Session.
ShootProof Integration

Once you have signed in and authorized ShootProof, you will return to Session.

That’s it! Session will automatically create galleries and albums for all of your booked clients!


ShootProof Galleries and Albums

To help keep your ShootProof environment organized, when you create a new mini session, we will automatically create a gallery using the session name, within this gallery each booked client will have an album with a randomly generated password.

For single sessions, we will create a single gallery using your session name.

ShootProof Albums
Session ShootProof Integration