Photography questionnaires with Session.

The more we understand our clients, the better the session experience will be for them, and for you the photographer. A photography questionnaire can be a powerful tool in gathering pre-session information about your client and their family.

Asking your clients about their hobbies, their interests, their favorite toys or movies not only establishes a good relationship with your client but equips you with more information about them and their family going into the photo session. For instance, knowing a child’s favorite movie character or action hero can break the ice and make them feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Especially useful for mini sessions when the time is of the essence.

Define your goal, and stay precise. Keep your questions short and to the point. Only ask information that can help you with the session at hand.

Example of questions for a family mini session:

  • What are the names of family members attending?
  • Child ages?
  • Describe your children’s personalities

Introducing Client Questionnaires

You can now build customizable online questionnaires that you can add in your session booking flow. Let’s go through the quick and easy process of creating your first client questionnaire and adding it to an existing session.

photography questionnaire

1. Creating your first questionnaire.

Click on the “Questionnaire” section on the left sidebar, and then click on “Create Questionnaire”. Give your form a title and click “Create”. We made it extremely fast and easy to create your questions, simply type your question and hit enter to start a new one. You can change the question type at any point by simply using the dropdown menu inside the colored boxes next to each question. Your available options are: Short text, Long text and Yes/No answer.

2. Adding a client questionnaire to a session

Once you have created a questionnaire, it will be available for reuse in your sessions. Navigate to the session you wish to add a questionnaire. Click to edit the session details section of your photo session. Navigate over to the “Questionnaire” tab, choose the form you wish to use in this session and click save. That’s it, your clients will have to answer your questions during booking.

If you have any questions about this feature or if you are looking for a specific question type that we currently do not support, please leave us a comment below. This product can only get better with your help!

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