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No matter what kind of photography you shoot—Session makes booking a pain-free (and even fun) process.

The booking platform made exclusively for photographers.

Your photography business doesn’t run like anyone else’s. Why use a platform that wasn’t made for you? Session is for photographers like you ready to simplify the booking process with a truly simple and intuitive interface, killer customer service, and the features you’ve only dreamed of (and asked for) from other platforms.
Rapid payments & automated invoices
Get paid online or at your session. It’s your choice. Invoices are automated, commission-free, and totally straightforward for you & your clients.
Contracts without the CRM
Keep your business legal and yourself protected. You can create smart contracts once and reuse them over & over. Your clients can sign on any device without going through a complicated workflow.
Calendar and inquiries
Control your availability and manage inquiries right from the in-app calendar. Connect your Google Calendar and Session will add your bookings so you always know what’s coming up.
Questionnaires attached to your sessions
Get all the info you need to make your session a success by attaching a questionnaire to your sessions. Your empty email inbox will thank you.
Session types and packages
It’s never been easier for your clients to book you. Create session types and packages they can choose from during booking. Get paid ASAP.
Real-time booking dashboard
See how many people visited your session page, who's booking—as they’re booking. A new and exciting way to watch your sessions come to life!

Photographers say Session is a game changer.

Thousands of photographers have already made the switch from Dubsado, Honeybook, Tave, Acuity, and other similar services.
Katie Lamb Photography
"A game changer! Session does booking like no other software I have ever used!"
Katie Lamb Photography
Katie Lamb Photography
kayla Mckinnon
Kayla Mackinnon
"A complete game changer for my business! Not only do you not have to individually book each client but the ease of creating your time slots, breaks and payments is INCREDIBLE."
katie Norrid Photography
Katie Norrid
"Photographers, if you aren’t using this service you need to. It has been a game changer and I love anything that saves me time and energy."
Amanda Hughes Photography
Amanda Hughes Photography
"Where has Session been all these years?! I just set up my fall minis and I'm already hooked before I've even published the link to clients. Session is a game changer!

Delightful booking experience = happy, repeat clients.

Give your clients an unforgettable booking experience and a streamlined process without email chains, DMs, and CRMs.
With just a few taps, your clients can choose a session, select a package, fill out your questionnaire, sign your contract and make a payment—on any device, all at once.
mini session
Fall Mini Sessions
I am so excited to announce my fall mini sessions for 2020. These happen once a season so grab your spot! 20 minutes of shooting time, 15-20 images, and option to purchase prints.
Saturday, October 17 2020
4:00 PM
4:30 PM
5:00 PM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
Monday, October 19 2020
4:00 PM
4:30 PM
5:00 PM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
Book 6:00 PM Spot book

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