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Booking mini sessions has never been easier

Say goodbye to the manual tasks, the CRMs with endless forms, to-do lists, and crazy complicated workflows. With Session, set up and book your mini sessions in minutes. Yes, literally.
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Saturday, March 19, 2022
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See how easy it is to set up your mini sessions
"Literally life changing! THANK YOU for giving me my time back! 👏🏻 I set up my first micro mini session around midnight, had one booked before I fell asleep, and woke up the next morning and had eight more bookings. WHILE I SLEPT. Contracts signed, deposits paid, questionnaires sent, wardrobe email sent. I'm sold."
kathryn c johnson
Kathryn C Johnson

Imagine booking out your mini sessions without putting in hours of work behind the scenes.

Picture this: you, booking out your mini sessions without discovery calls, endless email chains, or studio management tools. All you had to do was create your session and share your link. Your clients did the rest.

Now, you’re paid on time, completely booked, and excited to get back to what you love most: photography.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

We know how challenging mini sessions can be.

Mini sessions are affordable, fun, and fast, not to mention hugely profitable because it leads to repeat clients and full sessions. But honestly? It can feel like a chore to schedule every little time block, especially when scheduling everyone is more time-consuming than shooting, editing, and sending off galleries.

The modern way to book out your calendar, no back-and-forth necessary. On any device, all at once.

We made the ultimate time-saver: a booking platform that lets your clients book in minutes. Once your client starts the process, we hold their spot for up to 15 minutes so double bookings are a thing of the past.

In a snap, your clients can:
  1. Choose a session
  2. Select a package
  3. Fill out your questionnaire
  4. Sign your contract
  5. Make payment

Don't believe us?

Photographer Katie Lamb dreaded booking group or mentor sessions. Every booking software she tried had terrible user experience that made it tedious to set up sessions & wasted valuable time that could be spent photographing clients.

Katie Lamb Photography
"Before Session, I dreaded the thought of booking any type of group session like Mini Sessions and Mentor Sessions. All of the booking systems I had used before just weren’t cutting it. Not only was it time-consuming to set up each session, their user experience for clients just wasn’t great. Enter Session. A complete game-changer for my business! It’s incredibly user-friendly, has a beautiful interface, and makes setting up and booking sessions so effortless! I truly can’t recommend it enough for every photographer, regardless of the type of sessions you book!"
Katie Lamb Photography

Now, she can focus on what she does best and skip the stress of setting up complex workflows that don’t work for her.

Streamlining your booking process takes minutes with these easy-to-use features.

Require payment before a spot is booked

You can collect a retainer or the full session fee from your clients before they can book a spot. You can also collect any remaining balance outside of session if you prefer. Each session and package you offer can have it's own payment options.

Get your contract signed and your questionnaire filled out during booking

Ask clients to sign your contract before they complete their booking. Create reusable contracts with smart variables that autofill essential client, and session details like session dates, client names, fees, locations, and more.

Real-time activity dashboard

Every one of your sessions gets its own live dashboard. You can see every visit to your session page, every client that is currently booking, every booked spot, and every payment—all in real-time.
Michelle Smith

First come, first served. Never double book again

Mini sessions can get competitive, especially with limited time slots. With Session, once a client has begun booking, we reserve that spot for up to 15 minutes or until they are done booking. That way, nobody can take that spot from them.

Mini Session FAQs

What if more than one person wants to book the same spot?

Not to worry, once a client has begun booking, we reserve that spot for up to 15 minutes or until they are done booking. That way, nobody can take that spot from them.

Do I have to remind my clients of their remaining balance before the session day?

No. Session will send out payment reminders days before the session, so you don’t have to deal with the awkward “where’s my money” conversations.

Can I reserve spots for friends and family?

You sure can! Before you share your session with the world, Click on the spot you want to reserve and tap “reserve”. Session will generate a direct link to that spot that they can use to book their session. You can even apply a discount for them.

Can I collect payment outside of Session?

Yes, you can set this up before your clients book, or you can change an individual invoice to be paid outside of Session after they book.

Can I offer multiple packages to my clients?

Offer multiple packages to your clients during booking with their own fee, description and deliverables.

Can I get an overview of my bookings to have with me during the shoot?

Yes, you can customize and print what you want to bring with you on the shoot.

How do I share my sessions?

Every single session gets its own unique booking URL. You can publish your sessions to your inquiry page, and bio link page.

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