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Add-On Images

add-on images
Whether it's a special prop, an exclusive backdrop, or an additional service, you can now illustrate these options directly within your session add-ons with a captivating image. It's all about providing the full picture to your clients, helping them envision the complete experience you offer leading to greater interest and more earnings!

Copy Session Types

copy session types
We're excited to bring you a feature that's been on your wishlist - the ability to copy Session Types! 🎉 Setting up new sessions is now faster than ever. No more starting from square one every time. With just a click, you can create a duplicate of an existing session type, saving you precious time and effort.

Post Booking Questionnaire

Post booking questionnaire
In our ongoing commitment to improving your booking experience with Session, you can now add a questionnaire for clients to complete after booking! Your clients will have until their session date to complete this questionnaire. And hey, if it slips their mind, we've got your back. We'll drop a friendly reminder in their inbox before their session date. You can set this reminder to go out any time from 1 to 14 days before the scheduled session date.

New Question Type "Statement"

We just added a new question type to your questionnaire builder! When you want to say something but don’t need an answer, this is what you need. Statements are great for introducing the next part of your questionnaire or providing information to your clients.


Stay one step ahead and ensure no potential client feels left behind when your mini sells out. Invite them onto your waitlist so they can be first in line for any new spots, giving you and potential clients an engaging experience every time.

Additional Contracts

You can now add a second contract to your sessions! Add a second contract and break out model releases from your primary session contract.

Contract Feature: Agree/Disagree

With our new feature, get clients to agree or disagree to model release statements quickly and easily!

Contract Feature: Client Initials

With our new Client Initials feature, clients can validate their understanding of specific sections in your contracts quickly and easily!

New Booking Sites

Booking Site
With your beautiful and easy to use new booking site designer you can choose to add a gallery, a welcome message, a testimonial, display your sessions in a grid, or keep it simple; the choice is yours!

Session galleries

Show off your work by adding a gallery of images to all your minis and session types!

Client notes

You can now add client notes!

New session sidebar and search

The all-new sidebar makes it easier to quickly and efficiently find the right session by keeping upcoming and past sessions seperated and providing fast and easy search capabilities.

Earnings and outstanding invoices

We are continually striving to make financial management simpler and easier with Session. You can now quickly view your earnings in one place and easily access detailed reports on the performance of your business. You'll also get improved visibility into any outstanding invoices, so you'll always stay on top of your finances.

Color coded calendar

Our new color coded calendar is the perfect way to stay organized and efficient. With each event displayed in its own color, you'll be able to easily identify your sessions at a glance.

Coupon limits

You can now choose to limit your coupons to specific Minis, or Session Types!

Future Earnings

Earnings can now show you all of your upcoming future earnings. You'll be able to easily plan ahead and manage your budget by tracking current as well as future income.


Stay organized and on task
Tired of scrambling around for a writing utensil, overlooking tasks, and ticking off clients? Problem solved! Welcome to your Board. No more fumbling for that pesky pencil – this is the age of innovation, people! Stay on top of every step of your process from ‘to do’ to ‘done,’ quickly drag-and-drop session cards across columns with ease and add checklists, so nothing gets left behind.
Best part? No data entry is necessary – auto-generated cards ensure every booking is accounted for! Effortless organization FTW 🙌

All-New Session

The all-new Session will help you book more sessions, deliver a first-class experience to your clients, and stay organized. Session is set to revolutionize how you book sessions and manage your business–again.

Partial Payments

Allow partial payments on the remaining balance. You can also now mark sessions as partially paid.

Premium Spots

Charge a premium for those glorious golden hour mini session spots 🌄

Package Duration

You can now adjust the duration of a session in your packages!


Promote and sell more services with Add-Ons!

Sync Google "Busy" events to Session

You can now allow Google Calendar events marked as "Busy" to block times in your Session availability calendar.

Collecting Client Address

You can now choose to collect client address information during booking. You can toggle that on/off from your Booking Page.

Email Attachments

You can now attach files to your clients' Booking Confirmation, Inquiry Received, and Session Reminder emails.

Selling Gift Cards

Gift Card
Boost revenue and bring in new clients with Session Digital Gift Cards. Your clients can purchase and use your Gift Cards to pay for sessions or email as a gift and introduce your business to their friends and family.

We made Availability a little bit better ✨

availability updates
When creating new availability groups, you no longer need to specify a start and end time for your Availability. Never worry about session type lengths; select the start times you want your sessions to begin, and we will take care of the rest!

Session Follow Up Email

Session follow-up email
Want to send a follow-up email to your clients after a session to say thank you, include timelines for deliverables, ask for a review, or offer a coupon for their next session? We've got you!

Stop In-Progress Bookings

Stop Booking In Progress
Once a client starts booking, we hold spots for 15 minutes; this gives them time to complete their booking without losing their spot. But we understand that sometimes you need to stop an in-progress booking, well now you can!
This feature is excellent when testing out your sessions; you no longer have to wait 15 minutes before sharing it with the world!


gratuity / Tipping
Generous clients? We've got just the thing! Allow your clients to add a tip on top of their payment. Learn more

Change fee after a client has already booked

Need to add a travel fee or an extra service to a booking? You can now edit session fees after a client has already booked, and we will auto-generate a new invoice for them!

Move clients between mini sessions

move booking
Client changed their mind? You can now move clients to a different mini session!

Mobile Companion App for iOS

Search the App Store for "Session - Booking" from your phone.
Stay up to date with system notifications and access to all the essential booking details you need on the go!

Direct Links to Session Types

direct links
You can now send your clients direct links to your private sessions (and all other session types).

Apple iCloud Calendar

apple icloud calendar
You can now sync your bookings with your Apple iCloud Calendar!

Contract Countersigning

You can now upload an image of your signature to automatically countersign a contract once a client has booked!

Client Details

From your "Clients" page, clicking on a client will give you more information about them, how much money they have spent with you, what sessions are coming up, and all their past sessions-all in one place.

Make copies of your mini sessions

You can now make copies of your existing mini sessions, so you don't have to recreate them every season!

Dropdown lists and checkboxes for your questionnaires

question types
You can now add dropdown lists and checkboxes to your questionnaires!

More control over client emails

Email Settings
  • 1. You can now turn ON/OFF payment reminder emails to your clients.
  • 2. You can now turn ON/OFF session reminder emails to your clients, and set how many days before the session you want the reminder emails to go out.
  • 3. And lastly, you can now choose to copy yourself on every client email we send out.


Your clients can now pay you using Venmo.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel
You can now Track Visits and Bookings through a Facebook pixel. You will find this new integration under your Account page.

Branded Booking Sites

Branded Booking Sites
You can now choose your look and let your brand shine with your new, easy-to-customize booking sites.

Scheduling & Availability

Scheduling and Availability
You can now create your session types, and set your availability for each!

Session Types

Session Types
Your Session Types have a new home on the sidebar. Since the launch of Scheduling & Availability this month, we want to make sure your services are easy to access at all times.

Session page redesign

Your session pages are now cleaner and more visual. We added your session image and removed the description to preserve space.

New Sidebar

You can now access all the pages and main features you need with one click right from the sidebar.

New Look & Feel

We started spring cleaning early. Session has an all-new look for 2021 that is more subtle, less colorful, and focused on usability and features. We are making room for your images and brand to shine in 2021 as we add more and more features that we can’t wait to share!

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