The all-new Session
All-new year
All-new session
We've been hard at work behind the scenes, crafting new features and improvements that will make Session even more powerful and intuitive. With a modern UI, smarter navigation, deeper search capabilities, and enhanced tools to help you book more sessions and deliver a first-class experience to your clients.
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Here are some notable changes and additions
Stay organized and on task


Tired of scrambling around for a writing utensil, overlooking tasks, and ticking off clients? Problem solved! Welcome to your Board. No more fumbling for that pesky pencil – this is the age of innovation, people! Stay on top of every step of your process from ‘to do’ to ‘done,’ quickly drag-and-drop session cards across columns with ease and add checklists, so nothing gets left behind.
Best part? No data entry is necessary – auto-generated cards ensure every booking is accounted for! Effortless organization FTW 🙌

New navigation

Our main navigation is now located at the top of the page, allowing us to maximize the width of your browser and provide more content in one glance. This new navigation system also helps you stay focused on the task at hand by reducing distractions from other areas of the app.

New session sidebar

The all-new sidebar makes it easier to quickly and efficiently find the right session by keeping upcoming and past sessions seperated and providing fast and easy search capabilities.
Search by session name or session type
Browse upcoming and past sessions seperately
Each session is now color coded

Feature improvements

We continually strive to improve the features in Session, making it easier for you to work smarter and faster.

Future earnings

Earnings can now show you all of your upcoming future earnings. You'll be able to easily plan ahead and manage your budget by tracking current as well as future income.


You can now easily publish and unpublish sessions to both your booking site and bio link right from the session page. You will always know if a session is shared or not.

Color coded calendar

Our new color coded calendar is the perfect way to stay organized and efficient. With each event displayed in its own color, you'll be able to easily identify your sessions at a glance.

Mobile friendly

We understand that many of you rely on Session to stay organized and productive while on the go. To ensure that our mobile users can get the most out of the experience, we've taken special care to make sure the new Session is optimized for mobile use.
With its intuitive user interface and improved layout, navigating through sessions has never been easier or more enjoyable.

New session editor

We've improved the overall usability of the session editor, making it easier to navigate through your content and making sure that everything is right where you need it.

Full screen editing

Our new full screen editor is designed to help you take advantage of all the space available to you when creating content. Plus, the full-screen mode ensures that distractions stay away while editing.

Client notes

Our newest update allows you to add notes not only to a session, but also to a client!

Inquiry notifications

Inquiry notifications have been moved to the header, making them easier to see and access no matter where you are in Session.

Coupon improvements

You can now choose to limit your coupons to specific Minis, or Session Types!

Share full sessions directly

You can now email full sessions to your clients directly from within Session!

Earnings and outstanding invoices

We are continually striving to make financial management simpler and easier with Session. You can now quickly view your earnings in one place and easily access detailed reports on the performance of your business. You'll also get improved visibility into any outstanding invoices, so you'll always stay on top of your finances.
And many more features and improvements hidden away in the new Session UI that you simply have to discover!
This new version should be fully functional, meaning you will not miss any of the features you currently use in Session. However, it is still in beta so if you notice something missing, please be sure to let us know!
As you explore and test out the new UI, we want to let you know that we are continually making improvements and adding new features, both small and large - so keep an eye out for some exciting changes!
We appreciate all the feedback you can provide and look forward to perfecting the UI even more.
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