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10 Winter Photography Tips To Keep Your Business Booming Year-Round

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As the dust settles on the family photo frenzy before the Christmas rush, you may be wondering how you will bring in clients as winter settles in. The good news is we’re photographers, so naturally, we are creative, and with that comes ample opportunity to bring in new clients.

Make a List of Themed Ideas for Mini Sessions

Slow winter months are a great time to try out those mini session ideas you have swirling around your head. Winter provides a lovely natural backdrop, and 15 or 20-minute mini sessions are the perfect amount of time to beat the chill. Don’t have a majestic winter backdrop, that’s okay too! You can set up some excellent studio mini’s as well.

Mini sessions are a great way to beef up your winter revenue. Themed mini’s are a great way to bring in new clients or give your current roster a chance to capture a special moment.

1. Pregnancy craving mini sessions

Do you have a list of current clients expecting? Or are you looking to expand your portfolio? Offer a themed maternity mini session. Some fun ideas may include a pregnancy craving session. You can set up in their home, outside or in a studio. Have a momma who loves Whataburger? Try it there. The point is, there are a ton of possibilities with this one. And it is totally easy to set up. Just surround momma to be with her yummies snap of few with the food and of course, with her enjoying it as well.

2. Baby nursery mini

Expectant parents put some much thought and care into decorating their babe’s nursery. Offer to capture that magic for them! Photographing all the unique details and a few of mom and dad in the nursery will surely create special memories for the parents. Plus, we all know after the baby arrives, the nursery will never look the same again.

3. Paint the belly mini

This is a fun way for moms and siblings to celebrate the “bump”! Sessions can be done in the studio or outside location. Supply the finger paints and let the fun ensue! Be sure to get all the sweetness of painting mama’s bump. After the baby arrives, even more possibilities present themselves.

4. Milestone mini’s

These can be done in the client’s home, studio, or outside if the weather permits. Capture them at three months, six months or nine months. Best to do these in thirty-minute increments.

5. Newborn bath time mini

Capturing the sweet bath time routines of new baby’s and their parents is another excellent way to freeze time. Of course, it’s best if the babies enjoy bath time and not hate it.

You see where we are going with the themed mini’s. Get creative and turn everyday moments into special ones.

It’s not just family and children’s photography mini’s that can boost your bottom line during the slow months.

6. Business portrait mini’s

Just about everyone is on Linkedin these days. And a quick scan will show most people need a professional profile pic. So help them out. Offer a quick mini session in the studio or on location. They get a great photo, and you add another revenue stream.

7. Personal branding mini

Reach out to bloggers, influencers, and anyone who else who needs to update their images on their website or social media. Scout out a fun location with lots of variety in your area and make a marathon out of it. They can get super cute pictures, and you gain another client.

Are you burned out on client interaction? Don’t worry. There are other ways to make some winter bucks.

Try New Things

Stock photography is a great way to make extra money. There are oodles of websites churning out content for people to use. Try your hand at creating different images for them. Each site will typically post what their buyers are looking for and what they need more of. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to get out and shoot something new.

Winter is a great time to try new things too. There are a variety of opportunities to come up with fresh shots during the cold weather months.

8. Macro

Frost on the leaves, snowflakes, frozen droplets – all these are beautiful objects for macro photography.

9. Sunsets and sunrises

Sunsets and sunrises in the winter are stunning. The sky is painted in bright red and pink tones.

10. Falling snow

Remember not to use flash since snowflakes are tiny crystals. Adjust your shutter speed accordingly, the fastest shutter speed the better (1/400 of a second or faster).

Remember to Prepare for the Weather

Lastly, no matter what you are shooting, remember to prepare for the elements.

  1. Use a sealable plastic bag for items you want to keep dry

  2. Don’t freeze your nose to your camera

  3. Take spare batteries (and keep them warm!)

  4. Use heat packs

  5. Wear good gloves

  6. Wear warm winter clothes too!

  7. Invest in a good tripod

  8. Use a good camera bag

  9. Set your camera settings for Winter Photography

  10. Carry a small battery-powered air blower

Sarah Ware has been a Texas lifestyle and commercial photographer for the last six years, although she was always the one snapping pics growing up. Writing is her other passion, and she loves it when she can combine the two! When not shooting, editing, or writing, you can find her hanging with her fam at their getaway in Galveston or feeding their cows in Jacksboro. A nice pun or pb&j sandwich is the way to win her heart.

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