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Mini Sessions: How to Save Time Scheduling With One Simple Step

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With the busiest photography season officially here, it’s time to get some mini sessions on the books – like, now. So pick the day for your next mini session and start scheduling Facebook posts and texting your friends and former clients, right? Wrong.

Selling Your Mini Sessions

While the ‘set the date and they will book’ method is pretty tried and true for established photographers when it comes to mini sessions, this way of scheduling has its fair share of issues even with the best case results.

Let’s say you set the date, share the info, and everyone and their brother decides to book. After you’re done doing your quick happy dance and the internal shouts of glee have commenced, it’s time to start your booking process.

  1. Collect the client’s contact information.
  2. Figure out what time slot they want.
  3. Make sure that the time slot fits with your availability.
  4. If it doesn’t fit your availability, try to schedule for another mini session date.
  5. Send a contract.
  6. Make sure contract is signed by the client and returned to you for your records.
  7. Send an invoice for the deposit.
  8. Make sure the invoice is paid.
  9. Send a reminder about the session prior to the actual date, along with an invoice for the final balance of the cost of the session.
  10. Make sure the final balance invoice is paid prior to the session.

Selling mini sessions is a great way to boost your seasonal income, but the process requires a lot of work! It’s long. It’s tedious. It requires close to zero mistakes, otherwise, you won’t end up getting paid.

Don’t forget, you have to do this (and whatever other steps your mini session booking process entails) for every single mini session that you book! Every single session. Every single 15-minute increment on your list that you’ve happily sold out of.

Yup. All of them.

And guess what? Not a single step listed above includes picking up your camera and taking gorgeous images, phone/face time with clients, or any bit of the editing process. That’s right. Steps 1-10 include nothing related to photography.

Ready for a nap yet? Kidding, not kidding.

So why exactly do you spend a majority of your time on these items, rather than loving on your clients and fine-tuning your photography skills? Because you have to. Right? Wrong again, friend.

There is a better way! Seriously. Keep reading!

One simple step can help save you loads of time booking mini sessions.

Ready for it?

Use Session. Two words. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Session is a complete photography session booking platform that allows you to easily manage all of the photo sessions you sell with a single, fully integrated online booking platform.

How it works:

Step 1 – Build your photography sessions.

Step 2 – Tell your clients and let them book online with the self-service platform.

Step 3 – Take gorgeous photos and love on your clients!

Two words. Three steps. And with a 14 day FREE TRIAL for new accounts, this is an offer you can’t refuse and a solution you won’t want to live without.

On top of the self-service platform that you can offer to clients through Session, here are a few of the additional features that we know you’re going to love in this intuitive and beautiful solution.

  • Digital contracts
  • Online payments
  • Automated invoices
  • Questionnaires
  • Automation (YES! YES! YES!)
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Fast support

Interested in reading more about the features that Session has to offer? Click here!

Just ready to make your days easier, get a little more sleep, and keep all of your mini sessions full without having to do all of the back-end process work? We feel ya!

Sign up for a 14 day FREE TRIAL with Session HERE.

(Post photo by Lisa Michelle Photography)

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