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We’re blown away by the amount of excitement and enthusiasm for Session. Your kind words and support mean the world to our small team of two. We promise to always do our best for you and your business. 🙏

“Before Session, I dreaded the thought of booking any type of group session like Mini Sessions and Mentor Sessions. All of the booking systems I had used before just weren’t cutting it. Not only was it time-consuming to set up each session, their user experience for clients just wasn’t great. Enter Session. A complete game-changer for my business! It’s incredibly user-friendly, has a beautiful interface, and makes setting up and booking sessions so effortless! I truly can’t recommend it enough for every photographer, regardless of the type of sessions you book!”

-Katie Lamb

“Session has changed my life. It has saved me so much time in tasks I had to do manually before. My clients are blown away by the professional look and the ease of booking. I just wish I had found it sooner!”

-Kymberly Carlson Photography

“I honestly don’t know how I lived this long without Session! It literally took all the work off my hands! Best online booking system I’ve found!”

-Kim Durham, KD Photography

“I’m completely blown away by your platform and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find it! It took hours off of so many manual tasks I used to perform. I previously used Big Cartel in conjunction with Mach Forms and Zapier. Session is hands down superior to these processes.”

-Amy True Photography

“Photographers, if you aren’t using this service you need to. It has been a game changer and I love anything that saves me time and energy.

-Katie Norrid Photography

Session took care of all the important things like timing with proper spacing and blocks for breaks, contract signatures, payments, and automated emails after booking. Which let me get back to my most important thing: photographing my client’s lives. Couldn’t have been such a smooth and easy process without Session!”

-Kerry Anne Photography, LLC

“Oh my, I may just keep my sanity this busy season! Thank you, Session!”

-Laura Sutton Photography

“Session is so easy to use and has everything that I was looking for in a booking software! Clients can now easily see what sessions are available and complete the booking process at their convenience directly without the hassle of back and forth communication.

-Kayla Rector, JAG Photography

“I’m speechless. I can’t tell you how easy this has been, Session has made this whole booking process so easy and exciting! I’ve already told my photographer friends about it.”

-Angela Williams, Hazel and Haze Photography

“Wow! Thank you Session! I have been searching for an easy user-friendly program, and have tried probably every single one out there, and have always struggled with set up and they never were the simple effective program I wanted. I just signed up for the free trial and must say so far I am loving the easy setup and available integrations with other programs I already use.

-Heather Bettis Photography

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